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Advent of Code 2022: Epilogue

December 25, '22

Hello hello, how do you do?

Advent of Code is now complete! The second half (day 16 and up) were a fun ride!

Finished the last star at #1500, a nice round number to close it off.

My best day was the Part 1 of day 18, which I got in 9m56.

The Most Fun Problems

Generally ordered by increasing fun.

Problem 17

Implement tetris with a twist!

Problem 10

Emulators and a super cool output format.

Day 15

A nice touch of geometry.

Day 18


Day 21

Symbolic manipulation! I really loved doing this one in Lisp!

Day 22

UV wrapping 🤣

The Hardest Problem

It was Day 19 with a discrete optimization problem with many many layers of one insight a day keeps the exponential away.


The last few problems were very fun, it definitely made up for the weak start. Looking forward for doing this again! Using Racket as my language of choice definitely paid off in most problems with extremely easy parsing and tweaking of solutions. Had to hand make and tailor a couple data structures but I would probably have found libraries for them if I wanted to do so.

Also, I made it to the Racket leaderboard top 10 at #7!

That’s me there at #7 😁