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First Run

May 21, '23

Today I ran my first “real” run.

I have been running for a little over six years now. At some point (2020) I used to run 7k every day after work and up to 26k on weekends, but I was never a fast runner. Then the pandemic happened and I caught COVID. When I tried to get back to running (2021), the effect of having been away for some time, needing to use a mask and the complications of the disease made it extremely hard to start again. I never completely dropped it since then but I haven’t been consistent either.

Most recently I have been running 6k somewhat consistently and yesterday I decided on a whim to run “proper” 10k with other people. I registered, got my bib, promptly refused the pins because I’m too polite by default, found I had safety pins at home, went to sleep too late, woke up too early, forgot my public transit card and there I was: cold as fuck, sun rising and me waiting for the go signal.

The start was pretty great, nice views and all, but soon my right knee expressed its dislike for my activity and I had to switch gait for the remainder of the thing. Getting to 5k was hard, getting to 8k was easy, getting to 9k was the hardest and the final stretch was okay.

My final time was in the bottom 10%, so pretty bad. The best part about it though was seeing the good runners race through it, really a sight to behold and extremely inspiring, which is new to me, I never felt inspired by people running in real life.

Feeling good about this running thing! 😁

See you in a few months! Or sooner, you can never predict my posting habits.