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March 22, '20

Quite a bit has changed since my last post here.

First of all, I am moving from Curitiba to Porto Alegre.

It is quite a change, Curitiba seems way more organized and nicer overall, but there is also this Brazilian vibe about Porto Alegre (Curitiba seems like a country apart) which I like too.

Change is always welcome, for me. But… this time it seems I had a pretty terrible timing: just when COVID-19 hit Brazil. In fact, I am now stranded in Porto Alegre, more than half my things still in Curitiba (just me, my violin and some clothing here) and having to deal with the apartment there. I am not really sure what I am going to do about that yet.

I also left Neurologic, and joined Dell. This is a huge change too, given the size difference between both companies. So far this has been going smoothly, even though I am working fully remotly for the time being.

In other parts of life, my diet is quite messed up, but my sleep is quite okay, so that’s at least half good (needs the other half to be actually good, though).

I am also trying to keep exercice in check, and having moderate success at it.

The thing I have been missing (for some time, actually) is having real life goals outside of work. I am feeling pretty empty in that sense.

I will find a purpose. There are plenty, lurking just around the corner, I just need to choose one and do a bit of work.

See you around!