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Uni Progress

November 16, '20

Hello folks!

It’s been a long time eh?

I’m happy today!

I’ve been preparing stuff for my new Uni class this Term. Last term was pretty bad, grade wise, because I took the finals without a calculator and had to round a lot of stuff, for two classes which were quite calculation intensive: Algebra and Statistics. Algebra was better than statistics but the amount of sines and cossines I guessed was… lets say… not small.

But despite that, I’m happy to be starting a new Term. Will not make the same mistakes this time around.

On other news, I’ll be presenting something at The Developers Conference, Porto Alegre Edition. It’s in 15 days and I only have a title so wish me luck.

It’s for something I have been thinking about for quite a bit of time so hopefully it will go smothly as I have the general direction and some specifics figured out.

When I have thought something out well I can write it sort of fast, and it’s also in my native language so I don’t have to lose much time thinkign about how to say it and pronunciation - which frees some extra time too.

That was the update! Going to bed now.

All the best folks! Rember you are all great! And life - even if unfair - does have) awesome moments!