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The Mystery of Bananas

April 20, '24

A terrible murder had happened in the little town of Bananas. All the folk were terrified! Gossip ran rampant and every second conversation rapidly turned into accusations. The frolicking about in the fields had completely ceased!

“Who was the culprit for such vile acts? Who could have done it?”

Said the democratically elected enby president-snail. Just as they uttered such words, a copycat appeared! Oh, the terror! Oh, the fear! The snail retracted in their little shell and, to the complete shock of everyone in the town, the menacing cat let out an evil laugh.


The cat catted as she removed her disguise!

“I am no copycat!”

She further announced


In awe and despair, all contemplated the labradoodle with her half-undressed cat-disguiseâ„¢ and felt ice running up their spines!

How could such a vile villain have fooled an entire town!


A badly drawn labradoodle undressinga cat suit