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[2] Desaturated Adventures of an Electric Girl

Part 2

March 26, '19

Kaka’s parents were a bit strange, or a lot - it really depends on your background on strange parents. They were two: I know you probably assumed that already but that could very well not be the case. They were called Karina and Kali and they were both awesome in their own ways.

Karina was a dance teacher and also worked in choreographies for TV, movies and other kinds of dance presentations and competitions. Kaka’s house was small but there was an entire room with smooth plastic floor where Karina gave her lessons and trained for contests. She was also a competent Wing Chun fighter and liked long runs through the city skybridges and megabuildings.

Emotionally-wise Karina was not the one to express many feelings, but she talked about them a lot. I tried to research more about her past and what might explain this tendency but was not able to find much, so you will have to take that one at face value. Some might call that a second-degree connection with emotions, where she first rationalized them and then communicated. But the the effect of that on Kaka was actually great and I haven’t heard anyone who actually met her complain about that.

Karina met Kali a long time ago, when they were both off-planet for the first time. As you probably expected, this was not love at first sight, Karina was not inclined to love what she did not know yet, but she was curious, and liked the to venture into the unknown for it is much more intersting than the known.

At that time Kali was travelling to try and understand her place in the world. Yes, she liked swords, movies and people, but what was she to do with that