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Chapter ???

January 13, '19


Hey! Who the fuck are you?

- I shouted. But the guy kept still at the door, without making any sound.

It was a rainy friday and I could see the rain outside behind him, making little rivers in his plastic armour and creating a aura of water around as the drops bounced off.

I was freaking out inside, of course. When a random stranger pops your pub’s door at closing time, coming out of fuck knows where and stays there like a fucking creeper, I pretty much think it’s time to go in full freak-out mode.

But I am not the kind of girl who panics when scared. I get angry instead. I make it rain fire.

Hey, you! No helmets here!

- I said, pointing to the sign at the side of the entrance.

Yeah, you guessed it right, no reaction. None at all.

I was really on edge, so I started reaching to my holster when suddenly he bolted towards me, leaving curled spirals of water and vapour behind him.

I jumped backwards trying to avoid him, but there was no time, he jumped over the counter in a single motion and hit my chest, then we both fell to the floor.

At this point adrenaline must have kicked in because I felt my heart pounding and everything slowed down. Before I hit the ground behind the counter, I could see that there were more guys behind him.

This was when shrapenel started flying.

Then I heard a woman shout:


I was confused for an instant before realising that the guy over me wasn’t a guy at all.