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The Hacker

January 11, '19

There is a kind of mystic energy that somehow feels very real when you are silently hacking away, typing stuff not even you fully follow.

I say it’s a mystic energy because it only happens at nights.
You may not know that, but I was once crossing through Chile and during one night my guide, a very wise woman, told me to come closer

The night you know…

she said, and then kept going

It has a great mystic energy.

To this day I can’t give you a precise definition of what she meant by mystic, but I will tell you this: hacking is mystic.

I always attempt to describe this state that is almost quantum in nature: it can collapse to almost any meaning but once you do that, it doesn’t feel like that meaning describes it anymore.

It is ephoria, but it isn’t. It is also excitment, but nope. It is fear; only not. I could go on and I would be able to describe it any better, those who know what I mean understand it, those who don’t may have a faint idea, but that’s all.

Another way to put it, seems like you have found a portal to another dimension, and somehow the next morning when you wake up you try to rationalize everything you did and felt, but this rationalization never feels quite right.

Party people may know what I am talking about. But somehow this involves no drugs, nothing to excite your senses and almost no social interaction.