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Felipe Tavares


Nibble FM Audio Engine
Raytracing Shaders
Software Rendering
Physics Integrators
Fluid Simulation
Plotting Implicit Functions
2.5D Space Shooter
Networked Trading Card Game
Tycoon Game
Turn-based combat Game
Hard-surface Modelling

Game Engines

Nibble fantasy console written in C++ with 2D and 3D rendering capabilities, FM Synthesis audio, built in networking and UI primitives with patched LuaJIT, MoonScript and Fennel scripting. Multi-platform including mobile support.

Bazinga! cross platform 2D engine written in C++ with a UI-based flow similar to Unity focused on using scenes for managing project hierarchy and separation of concerns. OpenGL graphics, Lua scripting.


Intel GPU driver talking directly to Intel GPUs and preparing command buffers. Written in C++ and running from userland (similar to the mesa drivers).

HLSL Shaders technique for using HLSL with SDL and C++. Usually SDL is used with GLSL shaders due to implementation simplicity and cross-platform needs. However, it's possible to use HLSL shaders on Windows by integrating with internal SDL pieces.

Raytracing Shaders written live in GLSL in under 30 minutes with Bonzomatic. Ambient occlusion, normal mapping and other rendering techniques. Making heavy use of linear algebra.

RenderTRI is a pure software renderer and linear algebra library for common matrix operations written in C++. Implements file loading, z-buffering and line-based triangle rasterization.

WebGL.js JavaScript framework for 3D graphics in the browser. Created in the dawn of WebGL focusing on quick setup for game jams.


Advent of Code 2022 Rank #1500.


RK-4 physics integration in several languages including C++, Rust, Julia, Python and JavaScript.

Adams-Bashforth physics integration written in Julia. Useful for variable order integration when more precision is needed.

Fluid Simulation for games and toys. Usually following Navier-Stokes closely but adding or messing with the terms depending on gameplay expectations.

Pluft plotting implicit functions with dynamic techniques: quadtree-based searching for discovery and rasterization for plotting. Written in Rust.

Symbolic Differentiation using Rust.

Elliptic Curves point multiplication and ECDH written in Julia.


Space Shooter game featuring a 2.5D normal mapped lighting engine supporting directional lights, glow, blur and other effects. Custom 2D physics engine and particles engine. Behaviour based AI enemies and extensive dialogue system for interactive conversations.

Trading Card Game with peer-to-peer networking. Frame-animation effects. AI player. Mostly gameplay code.

Tycoon Game "A Fighter's Festival", UI and animation heavy game centred around managing gladiators.

Turn-based Combat Game about fighter mermaids. Featuring boids, AI, controller-centric UI, procedural animation and procedural map generation.


Pixelart sprites and animation for contract work and personal projects.

Artstation: 2D illustration and 3D hard surface modeling.



Brazilian Space Agency: Grant for Satellite Transmitter Project

American Meteorological Society: Outstanding Achievement

Y Combinator: Startup School


Pragmateam + ImmutableX

| Senior Software Engineer

Numerical integration methods for financial rewards calculation with Go. Automated cryptographic key generation and derivation. Internal processes for key storage and retrieval. Led teams and wrote system design documents.



| Senior Software Engineer

Static code analysis tools for multi-repository distributed systems (microservices) using Python. Improved RabbitMQ alerting algorithm. Efficient Splunk log ingestion framework. Tools for automated system troubleshooting in production.



| Data Scientist and Full Stack Developer

HyperLogLog data hypercube for fast analytics in Python. TensorFlow behaviour prediction pipeline. React conversation flow editor and interface, from 0 to market leader. GCP infra: DBs, VMs, k8s clusters, Cloud Fns, Pub/Sub, CDN etc. A/B testing: statistics design, feature design and implementation.



| Full Stack Developer

Real-time mirroring of the English wikipedia using a high performance Rust backend.


Brazilian Army

| Soldier (Systems Admin, Software Dev)

Proxy, network and IT support. Scripts and tools development for internal monitoring with C++.



| Frontend Developer

Fixing frontend issues and implenting new features in the 3D visualization system of the Geppetto software with THREE.js and JavaScript.